400AL Preserve® Plus - 7.6" x 15" Airlaid, High-Quality, Super-


Our highest quality center pull towel, the 400AL is super absorbant and has a luxurious, linen-like feel.

This towel is super strong, even when wet!

Each roll is perforated to deliver only one clean, dry, germ free sheet at a time. Controls usage and reduces waste. With the hands free dispenser, you use only the towel you touch, eliminating contamination. Ideal for restrooms, kitchens, food-preparation areas and other high-traffic locations where sanitation is important.

Roll Size: 8.50" D x 7.6" W. Sheet Size: 7.6" x 15". 400', White, 1 Ply, 6 rolls/cs

Uses Dispenser 6622

  • Model:270-138